POW Reference Information

Below are references to published articles and other information about the prisoners of war (POWs) captured at The Dieppe Raid and held by Germany during World War II.

Stalag VIIIB

Stalag VIIIB was a major German prisoner of war camp complex during World War II that was located in southwest Poland at modern-day Łambinowice. The camp was in reality, a group of camps that contained tens of thousands of POWs. In early 1944 the name of the main camp changed from Stalag VIIIB to Stalag 344.

Harry William Manchester was interned at Stalag VIIIB from October 1942 until late February 1943, when he was transferred to Stalag IID.

The POW camps constituting Stalag VIIIB/344 remained operational until January 1945, when advancing Soviet troops caused the German government to evacuate all prisoners westward via The Long March.

Stalag IID

Stalag IID was another major German prisoner of war camp located at Stargard, Poland. Harry William Manchester was interned there from February/March 1944 until January 1945, when the German government evacuated all prisoners westward, to avoid their liberation by advancing Soviet troops.

The Long March

Stalage VIII B Website: The Long March

Youtube: Forced March To Freedom (Prisoner Of War Documentary) | Timeline


March route Lamsdorf to Gorlitz


Robert Waddy Memoirs: Horror Beyond Dieppe


Website: Stalag VIII B

Website: Stalag VIII-B PoW Camp


Google Earth POW/Concentration Camp Location File

This .KMZ file contains the location of the Dieppe Raid beaches, German prisoner of war (POW) camps, concentration camps, extermination camps, and Long March routes.

File Name: OPERATIONAL_EXTRACT_WWII-POW_Data_2021-01-01.kmz

Application: Google Earth

Usage Instructions:
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  2. Using the Google Earth application, “open” the .kmz file.