Artifact 1940-11-08 – Letter to Miss La Verne Woods

“…I can’t say much to-nite. But I do wish I were back home.”

Letter to Miss La Verne Woods – November 8, 1940

Transcription of Artifact Content

Aldershot England
November 8/40

Dear La Verne:-

Here it is almost bedtime & I just got off police duty. The Corporal of the police are here alone in our cozy little office & he’s making us a cup of good old Chase & Sanborns coffee. I just felt that I couldn’t put your letter off any longer. So decided I’d scratch a few lines before going to bed.

Well dear I haven’t received a letter from you, for I don’t know how long. It seems like months. And every letter I get from Franc. lately says. that she hasn’t heard from you either. But then thats no reason why I shouldn’t write you.

I almost forgot to ask you how you are? Also Jimmie, George & the rest of the family. Gee I wish there would be a letter come to-morrow from you. Some of my mail must have sunk in a ship. I don’t think you’d go that long without writing to me. I get mail pretty regular from Onnellee & (the G.?!) Franc, especially Onn. & I just can’t understand why I don’t gear from you. I keep writing to you every once in a while.

Well La Verne I’ve had a bad cold & also a fever for a day or so. But I’m feeling pretty good now. We have such terrible damp & rainy weather over here. I guess that accounts for it.

Boy is this coffee good.

I guess I wrote to you when I received your cigs. Well They are all gone & thanks again dear. I really enjoyed them.

Well La Verne I can’t say much to-nite. But I do wish I were back home. I will close for now

Good nite & God bless you

I Remain
                                                       Lovingly      Harry


I would like some pictures
of you recently. PLEASE

***   End of Transcription   ***


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