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The purpose of this webpage is to record research notes related to the content within this website. Relevant content includes the correspondence of Harry William Manchester, its content references, persons he references therein, and information pertinent to his travels, assignments, and time as a prisoner of war during World War Two.

Editor’s Note

Editor Note – A Work In Progress

Presenting the wartime correspondence of Harry William Manchester on this website is a work in progress, begun in 2018 and continuing today. As such, additional correspondence will be posted herein as the Editor’s work through the original correspondence content.

“Glen” Identified – February 8, 2020

Reference: Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – June 21, 1941

Identified “Glen” referenced in Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – June 11, 1940 (and listed in “People” categories) as “Glen Piper.”

Person Unknown – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – November 1, 1940

The reference to “Dot & Wilf” is believed to reference Dorothy [Dot] Sweetman, a cousin of Harry Manchester, and Wilf[red] Sycamore, a personal friend of Harry William Manchester.

The persons “Mr. & Mrs. Newman,” and “Chip” are unidentified at this time. The person “Billie” probably is Bill Reive, Onnelle Reive’s younger brother.

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