The Canadian Army in World War II

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The Essex Scottish Regiment

The Essex Scottish Regiment was one of four Regiments of the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade of the Second Canadian Infantry Division of the Canadian Army. The Regiment formed in Ontario, Canada. The Regiment’s headquarters was in Windsor, Ontario, and its personnel trained at Camp Borden, a few miles Southwest of Barrie, Ontario, prior to shipping overseas to England in July 1940.

Upon arriving in Scotland after its trans-Atlantic crossing, the Regiment traveled to Aldershot, England, where it was quartered in Warburg Barracks, Aldershot.

Historical Note

Historical Note – Canadian Active Service Force


The Canadian Active Service Force (CASF) was the field force raised by the Canadian Army in the Second World War. Legally, it was distinct from the Permanent Active Militia and the Non-Permanent Active Militia, and a soldier had to be attested for service. The CASF had its own standards for enlistment and began recruiting on 1 Sep 1939.

The term CASF was deleted in late 1940, and the term Canadian Army (Active) was used to represent full-time military units.

The Canadian Active Service Force was officially mobilized on 1 Sep 1939.

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No 2 Company, Canadian Provost Corps

The Number 2 Company of the Canadian Provost Corps was a Canadian military police company stationed in Southern England during World War II, serving the military police needs of the Second Canadian Infantry Division.

The primary duties of the company were to provide security of facilities, personnel, patrol areas, and military convoys in its area of operations in Southern England.

In addition, the company provided military policemen with the Essex Scottish Regiment and other regiments in their attacks on French coast during the Dieppe Raid. The purpose of the military police presence was to take custody of any German prisoners captured during the raid.

Internet References is a reference source regarding the organization, vehicles, weapons, uniforms, traditions, and insignia of Canadian soldiers in the 20th Century.

As such, the website is valuable source of information about the military units Harry William Manchester was a part of, and The Dieppe Raid and the other military units that participated in that action.

Canadian Army Period Newsreels

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