Artifact 1940-11-05 – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

“But a Gerry just flew over & he was real low.”

Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – November 5, 1940

Transcription of Artifact Content

Aldershot England
November 5/40

Dear Sis & all:-

Here it is 10 O’clock & I should be going to bed. but Tweedale is going to write a short letter. So I thought I might as well too.

Its raining like heck again to-nite as usual. But the Gerries haven’t been bothering us these last few days. I wrote Peg. to-nite too. I haven’t the attitude for writing after what I went thro’ last week. Gee! I felt tough

I have worked nearly every nite this last couple days. Our cpl. of the police has been on a bender & the rest have of us have to make up his time He came in tight last night. & then he got up this morn. & he uses me like his boy. Well about ten A.M. He says Harry. See that the prisoners get the work done in the kitchen & Orderly room Won’t You? & I said. Yes Jim & away he went & Jim Tweedale & I are expecting him in. is the reason we’re staying up a little later. I get along swell with Jimmie Tweedale & also the rest of the police. They all seem to like me & are doing they their utmost to make me a permanent police

Franc. what was the matter with Louie Clifford. I’m glad you told Peg. to tell me that she had gone. Gee we really miss Pat Burling too Franc.

No one can imagine how well Pat was liked in this Regiment. I would love to hear some of the rumors that would be drifting around Essex about his death.

Jimmie & I sat with our ears wide open for a minute. There is no air raid on. But a Gerry just flew over & he was real low. We were sitting here looking at each other for a minute & Tweedale says. I don’t like that. We expected to hear some eggs come whistling thro’ the air. But he managed to get over us.

Well Sis. I think you’ll do good if you read this much & I have to get some dope on these sores before I go to bed

So I’ll say Good Night & God bless you all

Lovingly Yours          Harry

For the Kiddies.

Tell Elt. to write.

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