Artifact 1939-09-10 – Letter To La Verne Woods

I still see her occasionally around the city…

Letter to La Verne Woods – September 10, 1939

Transcription of Artifact Content

Dear La Verne:

I finally have settled myself enough to write to you, even though it is the first letter I have written in a long time.

Well I hope you are well. I am fine outside of the little touch of that hay fever which I get every year.

I was talking to Mr. Woods one Sunday when we were over to the Broadway Capitol Theater to see the children’s hour, but he said you were all up at the cottage but him.

Say LaVerne how did those pictures turn out down at Frances’ place that Sunday. Will you please send me all the negatives that Jean is on. I would like to have a picture of her, as she had none when we went together

I still see her occasionally around the city, but we haven’t went out for 3 weeks

Aunt Mabel has been up for about 3 weeks but is going home to-nite. I may go and see her before she goes.

I haven’t saw Frances since I was out there to see you was going out to-day but just didn’t get around to it.

Well I guess that is all the gossip I have for to-day so I’ll close now

As ever



872 Monmouth Rd.


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