Artifact 1940-08-13 – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

” I am on M.P. duty now steady.”

Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – August 13, 1940

Transcription of Artifact Content

Aldershot, Eng.
Tues. Aug. 13/40

Dear Franc:-

Well I’ve finally set down to write you another letter. I have been going to write you for the last two or three days but just hadn’t got settled to it.

I made my assignment this morn. Of twenty dollars. I think it will start from the first of August. & you should get your first cheque the first of September. However Franc. be sure & let me know when it comes & if it the full twenty dollars are there. Also don’t forget to send in that insurance book every couple or three months & they will mark it & send it back. That is the one I told you to send to them.

This money I am signing over is for to send me cigarettes with. & the rest is for whatever you see fit to do with it. Be sure & get the kids anything they want. I am sending another one of these sweet caporal cards for you to send in. We have to pay thirty six cents for twenty cigarettes.

I am on M.P. duty now steady. I have been on from 9. A.M. to 5 P.M. but I start to-day from 1.30 P.M to 9.30 P.M. I was going to the show to-nite but since they’ve changed my scedule, I won’t be able to go.

We are allowed to stay out till midnite now. Of course I stay out as late as I like as long as I’m on M.P. duty. & I don’t have to attend any parades.

Well I’d better go to dinner & then have a shave. I washed a lot of clothes this morn. Cuzz’ I expect to go on my five days leave to-morrow or the next day. I will write again as soon as possible. I hope some more Canadian mail comes in soon. I’d better say “cherrio”

As Ever    Harry


Don’t forget to
send my mail to in
C/O Base P.O.                      (also C.A.S.F.)
         Canada                              & 1st Batt.

***   End of Transcription   ***


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