Artifact 1940-06-04 – Letter to La Verne Woods

‘There was a big fire over at the airport about 7 O’clock and I went over. At first we thought it was a plane crashed…”

Artifact 1940-06-04 – Letter to La Verne Woods

Transcription of Artifact Content

Camp Borden, Ont.
Tues. nite.

Dearest La Verne:

Your letter was a very pleasant surprise I sure did feel good when I saw your writing I opened it even before Onnellee’s.

I had an address of yours, but I did thought you had moved since. So I asked Frances what it was in my last letter to her. She’ll probably send it in her next letter. But however I’m glad you got mine & wrote to me. I guess I’ve written about 25 or th 30 letters & I don’t know how many cards since I came a week ago.

It gets cool here at night, but it’s really hot in the daytime. The ground is all sand like Cedar Beach and it really gets hot with the sun. And the mosquitos are as big as the aeroplanes (Almost) and there really biting to-night. I have no shirt on and I’m outside my tent because it’s getting dark.

There was a big fire over at the airport about 7 O’clock and I went over. At first we thought it was a plane crashed but it was the officers quarters from the air force. This is a big air training centre too. In fact you can see a dozen planes in the air any time day or night,

I’ll bet Jimmie is getting [unintelligible]ter every day. How old is he now? About 4 I beleive.

I would have liked to seen you the night I left but I know how is was. I guess there were somewere in the thirties to see me off anyhow. But I also thought about you. Even after the train pulled out. Onnellee said Frances took it pretty good although she shed a few tears as she always did when I would leave her house

I like it pretty well up here outside of it’s so far from home & I’m not used to being where I can’t get home for a while. I don’t know how much longer we’re going to be here. As the advance party leaves for England to-morrow. I understand. But if we’re here in a couple weeks I’m going down home for a weekend. If finances hold out.

Well La Verne I wanted an to answer Onn’s letter as I haven’t written her since Sun. nite. but of course I thought I’d write yours first so if I’m going to I’d better get started as it is getting dark So I’ll say Bye Bye for now

As Ever

Your Loving Brother



Please put B. Coy.
under my mane & number

***   End of Transcription   ***


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