Artifact 1940-06-02 (Assumed) – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

“Well I just got finished pealing the pineapple for supper & I put the sugar on it. You didn’t have to send sugar as there is plenty of sugar yet.”

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Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – Unknown Date, assumed June 2, 1940

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Transcription of Artifact Content

Camp Borden

Sun. aft.

Dear Frances:

Received your parcel O.K. and also a letter Fri. & Sat. Thanks a lot for the dinner. It was really swell. I just got the parcel about nine last night. I also got one from Pearl’s sister. It was a big chocolate box full of date cake & some candy. Well I had Marshall Healey over to our tent for dinner and of course I had Glen piper stay is he and I are in the same tent. The chicken & dressing was swell, but it is so warm in the day time I thought I’d better get it ate up.

Marsh Healey got two stripes yesterday, that’s that [unknown] I was telling you about. That makes him a Corporal & Davie Davidson also got two They just got them yesterday, because they are going to Ottawa to-day on a course. They aren’t permanent unless they do exceptionally well on the course. No privates could go is the reason they had the stripes put up

Well I just got finished pealing the pineapple for supper & I put the sugar on it. You didn’t have to send sugar as there is plenty of sugar yet. Gee I don’t know how what I’m going to do for you & Elton for the way you have helped me lately. I am not sending the dollar that Elton lent to me. I sent money to Dot. to pay on the watch & then I lost 3.90 for the days I was absent.

I was going to go swimming this aft. as I don’t know have any answer C.B. calls because I’m going on guard to-nite. We only guard during the night down here. from 6 P.M. to 6 A.M. then I’ll sleep all fornoon tomorrow. While I thought I’d better write to you & Onn instead of going swimming.

I wish you would let me know what LaVerne addresses is. I have an address of hers but I think she has moved since that. I have thought all week of writing to her, but forgot to ask you the address. However Frances I don’t know weather you should send meats is we don’t know how long were going to be hear. I understand the advance party is leaving Wed for England. Whether it’s so or not. But fruit & pastry wouldn’t spoil before it got here. Tell Mabel “Thanks a lot” for the tarts until I get a chance to drop her a line.

I’m sure glad someone them that the people besides my relatives think of me as I haven’t lived around there for two years. It shows what kind of people they are “Don’t it”

There is a visitors day every Sun. aft. so if you & Ryall’s feel coming up just let me know & I’ll arrange for a weekend pass. So I and can be off all duties and spend the time with you. I have a roadmap and it says Barrie is 58 miles from Toronto & we are 18 miles from Barrie & it says Windsor is 235 miles from Toronto.  I wish it weren’t so far so you could come up. However I’ll be expect to hear from you planning on it. It sure is beautiful up here & I’m beginning to like it more all the time. If it was only closer to home.

Well I think I’d better get busy at my equipment as its 2.30 now So until I hear from you again I’ll say Bye Bye

Your Loving Brother                       Harry


Don’t forget B. Coy.

on my mail after this

***   End of Transcription   ***


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