Artifact 1940-06-11 – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

“I have had a bad cold and I went to the doctor. They said I had acute Broncitis.”

Artifact 1940-06-11 – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

Transcription of Artifact Content

Camp Borden
Tues. nite.

Dear Frances:

Was so glad to get your letter to-nite. I also got one from Garnet. Aunt Clara’ & John Hutzel’s G.F. Aunt Clara sent me a box yesterday with soap, shaving cream, dental cream, candy gum, and cand canned goods in in. I haven’t had a letter from Peggy since Sat. And I’m really disappointed. I can’t imagine wat whats the matter with her unless she doesn’t love me anymore. Maybe she found a new B.F B.F.

I have had a bad cold and I went to the doctor. They said I had acute Broncitis. But I think I’ll be all right in a day or two I’m glad the kids got their hair done. I’ll bet they look really nice now. After me promising it to them and then you had to do it yourself. Well if I hadn’t went in debt for that watch. I guess I could have fulfilled my promise

I saw Wanda down here Sun. & Jack too. I also saw the bunch from Olinda. Mort & Glen had gone to Toronto. So they visited with me for a while & then went to Toronto to meet them at the depot before they came back to Borden. You don’t have to send me things every time you turn around, Frank If you only write me. I’ll be satisfied.

I’m glad to hear about George & Jimmie coming to see you. It’s a wonder George said he could come for a vacation. I got Charlie’s address from Aunt Clara to-day. But have already sent a letter just to Staples about a week ago. I hope he gets it Although I didn’t know it was RR#1.

All the rest are fine Frank

The rear guard came in yesterday and the Burns bros. amongst them. Last night I took them down to the “Ontario Tank Regt.” to meet Clifford Kaake, and with all Mrs. Kaakes’ boasting he’s only a Corporal. (two stripes) He has the same rank as Marsh Healey has now. But Marsh is in Ottawa & I miss him too even if he were quite a bit older than me. The Burns’ sleep with Glen & I, so that makes four in our tent again

I got my new great coat to-day and is it a honey. (like policemans double breasted) They are also going to start issuing summer dress, I do believe I see they have them in to-day.

Well Frank I may be down to see you this week=end. (not sure though) They said something about starting week-end passes from Fri. nite because the boys don’t have time enough to go home, so naturally they go A.W.L. and come back when they feel like it. We don’t get payed until Sat. So if I can rake up a little doe. Fri. I might be down & I can draw my pay when I get back and pay the money I borrow on Fri.

Well I had my first pass last Sat. aft. & evn. And I went in to Barrie. We rowed accross the bay & back in a boat & I really got a blister on my hand

We x went to a dance two miles out of Barrie that night. Called “Minets Paint” It’s an open air hall, right beside the water, and we had a nice time. Alvin S. said you we were geting some nice growing showers down there. I guess there needed this time of year down there. We had quite a rain here last night.

Well Frank, I guess I’d better close for this time. Hoping to hear from you soon.                    As Ever Harry

***   End of Transcription   ***


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