Artifact 1940-06-21 – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

“We heard from Jeff & he said he had a car accide…”

Artifact 1940-06-21 – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

Transcription of Artifact Content

Camp Borden, Ont.
Thurs. nite.

Dear Frances:

I received your letter the other day & also the girls. They sure did swell in writing them too. Thanks a lot for the box Frances. It sure was good. We just got it finished in the middle of the week, when Johnny Burn’s wife sent him a box. He & Bob sleep with Glen Piper & I. The four of us in our tent.

I got a letter from Glaydys Gladys & Wilbur to-day & also one from La Verne. I sure was glad to hear from her. She said she was talking to you before she wrote. And that you expected coming up here this weekend. I hope you do. I’m sure counting on it. La Verne said if I came to Cottam, to let her know & they she would come over & see me.

I got Aunt Clara’s parcel too. I just had a letter from her yesterday. Dot writes to me & aunt Clara sent a little note in Dot’s letter. I also got a letter from Aunt Lena [?] to-day.

Did Elton get his tobacco in yet. I hear you are getting a lot of rain down there. We are getting plenty too. And it turned so cold last nite that we pilled all our blankets on us & our Great Coats & then we almost froze in these tents. Wd didn’t do much to-day outside of fitting our gas reper resperators. So thats some more junck to take care of.

We heard from Jeff & he said he had a car accident so he just couldn’t come. I sent Peggy a telegram this morn. So she could plan on whatever she saw fit.

I hope Ross brings you all up. If he don’t I’ll shoot him when I see him. Peggy seems sort of anxious to come up here too. So she’ll likely bug him to death until he says yes. If you can’t come I think I’ll come down the following week-end. But I still would like to see you come up here as it would be a good trip for you.

Well Frances I think I’ll close for to-nite & get caught up on some more letters. So until I see you or hear from you I’ll say “bye bye” to all.

As Ever


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