Artifact 40-08-23-b – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

“I just wish you could spend one week here. You would be scared skinny.”

Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – August 23, 1940

Transcription of Artifact Content

Aldershot, Eng.
Aug. 23/40

Dear Sis:-

Well I’ve finally got down to writing your letter. I’ll have to write bits at a time between work. I was going to write sooner, but I guess I didn’t take the time, while I was on my leave. I want to answer La Vernes letter too.

Gee is it ever tough over here I’ll be so glad when you send me some cigarettes. That is our bigest trouble it seems. As tobacco is so high in price.

You should have money from the Govt. by the time you get this letter. If you don’t get it lett me know & I’ll see about it. I hope you get them post cards that I sent from London I thought they’d be nice to keep in rememberance of London.

We had another air raid last nite between eleven & twelve. They dropped a few bombs then. But I don’t think any damage was done then. They came back again about three a.m. & blew up an amunition train & a few little odds & ends. You think you hear things about the war over there through papers & radio. But you don’t know half of it. I just wish you could spend one week here. You would be scared skinny.

Well Franc I hope you are all well Be sure & use Peggy good & take care of her for me until I get back. Tell Elton that would be a swell job for him If I had my way I’d be home as soon as a ship could take me there., Don’t forget to send cigarettes out of the money I signed over. Also if it isn’t too much bother you can send me some of my pictures. Some of the best ones of me Franc. In uniform & civilion life It will be swell to carry them again. In fact send them all to me. all All then that I used to carry. & be sure & use the rest of the money for the Kiddies. I guess I’d better close for this time. Bye Bye to all.

As Ever



I cannot use these stamps
as out mail goes to Canada
free of charge

***   End of Transcription   ***


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