Artifact 1940-11-09-a – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – November 9, 1940


Aldershot England
November 9/40

Dear Franc:-

Well we’ve been well over a week without any mail from Can.

But then I’m going to write to you anyway. I haven’t had a letter from you since you got your tonsils out.

The last letter I have was from Onn. When she was staying with you after you came back from the hospital (having your tonsils out). Well I hope some mail soon comes in anyhow. I wrote Aunt Lil. A couple nites ago & to La Verne last nite. I And I don’t know whats the matter with me, but it seems like I write to Onn, every nite. I guess I must be love sick. Since I’ve read some of your letters what you say about her. Well I guess it makes me feel more towards her. Well I guess she’s worth having for a girl friend. The way she writes to me & the things she says. Well —I won’t say no more. I’ll have to write her another letter to-nite.

Gee I wished some of your mail would come so I’d know how you are feeling. You can’t imagine how much I’ve thought of you this past week &wondering how you are.

Has Elton had any more word about getting into Fords. You said that Murray told you, he might get in this winter. I hope he gets in anyhow!

Well Franc. I can’t think of much to say until I hear from you again & it’s about supper time. Altho we just had some coffee & cake about an hour ago. I wished you could see our little police office here. We are quite proud of it. Be sure & write me as often as you have time Franc. I go to a show about one nite a week & the rest of my spare time I just write letters. So you know how anxious I am to receive letters. Well I’ll close for to nite

Your Loving brother

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Artifact 1940-11-07 – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

“He & I just upset a whole bottle of ink.”

Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – November 7, 1940

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Aldershot England
November 7/40

Dear Sister:-

Well I was expecting Eva & her brother down to-day. But they didn’t show up. So I guess I’ll go to the show after supper.

I wrote to Onnellee last nite But I want to drop another line to-nite. If I have time. Also Aunt Lil. I haven’t heard from her yet.

Gee. I haven’t had any Canadien mail in a week. I expected some to-day. But it didn’t come

A bunch of Canadiens arrived the other day from Iceland. & are they a happy bunch. Bob Oakley that used to fork from for Les. Ash & Wane Tully. was amongst them. He had a bunch of pictures he took in Iceland. & what a desolate looking place. Not a tree in sight.

He gave me some Money he brought from there & I’m going to try & wrap it up & send it in this letter.

Gee Franc. I wish some mail would arrive from you & Onnellee You know I wasn’t going to write her last night But I went to the show& I couldn’t get her off my mind. So I had to write her before I went to bed.

There is an air raid on now & I soon have to go to supper. Gee I can’t understand why they fly over us & drop their eggs & none has come near us. Lucky Aren’t we? Well I’ll write some more after supper.

Well I’ve finished & what a louzy supper. I wish I could have supper with you some nighe.

They are starting to give the seven days leaves out now. & I expect to go in a couple weeks. Tweedale & Wilf. the guy I went on my last leave with. Are going together first this time & then I go next. If we go to Scotland. We get 2 days extra to toe travel on. So that’ll make me nine days all told

Well Franc. my (xxxx) lips I mean the sores on my lips are just about dried. And I feel much better. I cleeen cleaned my teeth to day for the first My lips were so sore before that I couldn’t stand to clean them.

Weel Franc. There isn’t much more to say. So I guess I’d better close for now. So I’ll say

Good Night

Your Loving Brother



This crazy Tweedale would drive the
best of men     nuts

He & I just upset a whole bottle of ink.

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