Artifact 1940-07-21 – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

“But I’ll sure have a whale of a time when I get back.”

Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – July 21, 194

Transcription of Artifact Content


July 21/40

Dear Frances:-

Received your letter to-day. And was sure glad to know that you got the letter I wrote on the train

You asked me when we left camp. It was on Sun. note. A week ago to-nite. It sure don’t seem that long thou. Our trip was really swell on the train & the scenery was beautiful. We were on the train 2 days & nites & have been here the rest of the time. I hope we soon leave thou.

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Artifact 1940-07-02 – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

“Although I’d like to see Peggy there. But I guess I won’t have to ask your permission. I think that you love her more than I do. And I sure do.”

Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – July 2, 1940

Transcription of Artifact Content

Camp Borden, Ont.
Tues. nite.

Dear Frank:-

Well I guess it’s about time I got busy on your letter. I wrote Helen Irvin[s letter just before supper and then I thought I’d better get at yours.

Onnellee said She would like for Marrianne, Ross, her & I to go on a picnic, when I come home. But I told her what your said, about her coming out there. However I’ll be calling her when I arrive on Sat. & if you happen to call her before that you & her can arrange. I know you’ll want me to be with you. & I told her that. Anyway La Verne wanted me to let her know when I came down & she would get over to see me. I want to write her a letter & tell her I’ll be coming this week. End & also that I’ll call her on Sat. morn. from Windsor.

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