Artifact 1940-07-02 – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – July 2, 1940

Transcription of Artifact Content

Camp Borden, Ont.
Tues. nite.

Dear Frank:-

Well I guess it’s about time I got busy on your letter. I wrote Helen Irvin[s letter just before supper and then I thought I’d better get at yours.

Onnellee said She would like for Marrianne, Ross, her & I to go on a picnic, when I come home. But I told her what your said, about her coming out there. However I’ll be calling her when I arrive on Sat. & if you happen to call her before that you & her can arrange. I know you’ll want me to be with you. & I told her that. Anyway La Verne wanted me to let her know when I came down & she would get over to see me. I want to write her a letter & tell her I’ll be coming this week. End & also that I’ll call her on Sat. morn. from Windsor.

I got a letter from Jonhhny Hutzel’s G.F. as she writes to me. She said to let her know when I was coming home & she & Johnny would come over & see me. Wether any of the rest came or not. I’m not going to write her this week. I’m going to leave it to you. If you can stand to have them. You can write Fri. & they will get it Sat. I don’t know how many you’ll have there on Sun. So I don’t want to ask anyone but La Verne myself. And I’ll let you ask whoever you like. Although I’d like to see Peggy there. But I guess I won’t have to ask your permission. I think that you love her more than I do. And I sure do.

I got a parcel & letter from Marg. & Charlie & they said for me to let them know when I was coming home & they’d come ^ see me. But I’m leaving the invitations up to you. Outside of La Verne. You know just how many you can stand around the house.

Well I haven’t much to say. But I’ll be drifting in sometime Sat Morn. I expect & we can talk a lot then. I’m getting my pass from Fri. nite I hope! In case I can’t I’ll send a telegram to either you or Peggy & you can call one another & tell them. I hope you haven’t planned on going out for Sun. Well Bye Bye until Sat.

As Ever Harry



I intend on phoning La Verne Sat. morn. from Windsor. So I’ll phone you first & see what you say about it & also get her no from you.



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