Artifact 1940-10-19-b – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

“I was down to the bus depot yesterday aft. waiting for Eva to come in from London”

Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – October 19, 1940

Transcription of Artifact Content

Aldershot, Eng.
October 19/40

Dear Franc:-

Well I wrote you a letter a couple days ago& then I received one from you the next morning. And was sure glad to get it.

I have sort of a cold. But otherwise I’m fine. I’m glad you are all well. I am getting your mail okay Franc. Only it takes time you know.

I received the six hundred cigs yesterday from you & La Verne. & I might say “Thanks a Million” I want to write La Verne too. & thank her for them. When you send them next time. I’d rather the winchesters if you can send them. But I should critizize critisize cuzz any kind is better than these limy cigs.

I’ll have to drop Gladys a line too & thank her. Altho’ I haven’t received that bunch yet.

I’m sorry to hear that you have to go & have your tonsils out. Of course tis better to have it done before they get too bad. It will be good experience for Onn. to look after the kiddies. Sort of get her in practice.

That silverware you said she was buying. Is some she got every night she went to the show. I think I know she got a lot that way.

I was down to the bus depot yesterday aft. waiting for Eva to come in from London (That’s Pearls’ cousin.) & there is one of those amusement halls there. They had a new machine. You speak this’ a microphone & it makes a record. only a sixpence (12 c) But he gave me a free trial. I don’t know what I said. But Eva wanted to hear it. So she took it home & is sending it back to me as soon as she hears it. So I’ll be sending it to our in a couple days & you can play it & then keep it. I don[t remember what I said. But I’ll make a couple more & send home. I wish I could see the C.B.C. truck & have them broadcast it Mon. nite. I suppose you heard our Regt. broadcast. There was so many there that I just couldn’t get to the mic to say “hello”

Eva came down & we went to Camp Bordon to see her cousin. She’s so good to us Canadians. We went to the train depot at nine so she’d get back in good time & the damn train didn’t come until after 11 P.. & then she had to go by bus. for a ways & then back on the train again. Some of the tracks were blown up a couple nites ago.

When I came home from London last Sun. nite. Nothing would dol But she’d come to the bus & see me off. & I didn’t want her to. But she came anyhow & when she was walking home alone (after seeing me off) a big piece of shrapenal hit her on her steel hat & make a big dint in it. & now she carries the shrapenal with her for good luck. However after it had hit her She took off her shoes & ran the rest of the way home. The want the women & children to evacuate from London. I don[t know wether it will be enforce or not. I will get a letter to-morrow telling me how she got home.

Pearl writes to Eva & I guess by what she writes. She is awfully jealous of me. I don’t know why. But Eva laughs about it.

Well Sis. I’d better close for this time Be sure & keep writing to me & I’ll do the same. I’ll close now.



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