Artifact 1940-10-19-b – Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman

“I was down to the bus depot yesterday aft. waiting for Eva to come in from London”

Letter to Mrs. Elton Newman – October 19, 1940

Transcription of Artifact Content

Aldershot, Eng.
October 19/40

Dear Franc:-

Well I wrote you a letter a couple days ago& then I received one from you the next morning. And was sure glad to get it.

I have sort of a cold. But otherwise I’m fine. I’m glad you are all well. I am getting your mail okay Franc. Only it takes time you know.

I received the six hundred cigs yesterday from you & La Verne. & I might say “Thanks a Million” I want to write La Verne too. & thank her for them. When you send them next time. I’d rather the winchesters if you can send them. But I should critizize critisize cuzz any kind is better than these limy cigs.

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